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Frequently asked questions


1. How can I pay the outstanding debt?

You can make payments to our office by transferring the amount to one bank account Marek Vastgoed VOF with number NL36 INGB 0007 1776 63 Always state the business name and file number with the payment.

2. Who c an I call on my file?

If you have any questions about your file, you can send an email to or call our office +31 684 393 530.

Of course you can also write to Honderdland 213, 2676LV Maasdijk.

3. I have received a letter or an official document, but I have already paid.

What should I do?

Please always contact us. It may be that the letter or official document crossed the payment or that your payment could not be processed properly. Make sure that you always have the receipt and file number at hand when you contact our office .

4. I have received a summons, what now?

Several options are possible.

1. You agree with the content of the summons. In that case, you must ensure that the amount stated in the specification accompanying the summons is on our bank account NL36 INGB 0007 1776 63 at least 14 days before the first day of the hearing . The amount must therefore be received by our office on time. If you pay late, you also owe all legal costs.

2. You agree with the contents of the summons, but you cannot pay the amount claimed or pay it in one go. Please contact our office immediately and discuss the possibilities for making a payment arrangement.

3. You just agree with the contents of the subpoena. You can then put forward a defense against what the creditor claims. If the case is handled by the Office Judge, you can put forward an oral or written defense yourself.  

5. I can just pay the claim in one go, can I pay in installments?

In some cases it is possible to pay a claim in installments. Whether this is possible depends on various factors and circumstances. It also plays a role whether you have already been convicted by the judge.

We advise you in any case to contact us immediately, so that we can discuss the possibilities with you. In most cases we ask you in such a situation to provide a statement of your income and expenditure. You can do this by filling in the appropriate form. You can use this form   download here


+31 174 28 44 08
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