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  1. When your invoice is not paid, it is very annoying. MV Incasso helps with your outstanding claims. This can be done with a hard or soft approach, depending on your wishes. Your customer relationship comes first, we adapt.

When you have handed over the invoice, we will approach and write to your customer with an appropriate approach and do everything we can to ensure that the invoice is still paid.


  1. MV Incasso is clear and transparent when it comes to costs. All costs are listed on our rates page . Both the costs of a subscription and the costs of a single assignment.

Detailed explanation

  • A summons letter will be sent to your debtor, both registered and by regular mail. It is summoned to pay the amount due within 14 days, including the statutory interest (of the principal), as well as the debtor is informed that in the absence of payment, MV-Incasso will charge the extrajudicial costs in the second reminder letter. .

  • If no payment is made within the period of 14 days, a second reminder will follow. The debtor must pay the total amount to MV Incasso within 14 days, including the statutory interest (of the principal) and the extrajudicial costs to MV Incasso.

  • If no payment is made within 14 days, the debtor will be contacted by telephone and the last demand letter will be sent. In this letter the debtor is also informed that in the absence of payment, the debtor can expect a summons.

  • About 70% of all invoices are collected in the preliminary phase. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to collect the claim in the preliminary phase, you can choose to continue with legal proceedings. You are completely free to choose this!

Submit Collection

The relevant information we need:

  • Copy contract (if applicable)

  • Copy receipt

  • Your terms and conditions

  • Copy of reminder / reminder / notice of default

  • Copy of correspondence

  • Reason for non-payment (if known)

  • Information about your debtor: address, e-mail, bank account number (if known) and possibly his source of income

We start with the process and   will check the company details with the Chamber of Commerce.

Your case will be assigned a file number, which is also your reference number.

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